Friday, May 24, 2013

2013 Season Opener! Bite Into Maine

Bite Into Maine
Fort Williams
1000 Shore Road
Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107
(207) 420-0294

This was opening day for lobster roll hunting and also for Bite Into Maine for the 2013 season.  I have had them in my sights since early April and have been impatient for them to open. Bite Into Maine is an itinerant purveyor of Maine foods with pretty consistent residency in the parking lot at Fort Williams.  If you haven't been to Fort Williams, this is even more of a reason to come.  Fort Williams is a gorgeous setting with views of Portland harbor, Cushing & Peaks islands, lighthouses... it has all the picturesque Maine stuff and cool colonial forts for kids.

Get to the roll!  Solid roll and great value. Currently we are eating hard shell offshore bugs fetching about 8 bucks a pound.  This should warrant a $16 dollar lobster roll in this beautiful setting.  My textbook roll was $13.95. We also had their grilled tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella sandwich for just south of 5 bucks- this was delicious and a bargain.
Bite Into Maine has done a great job of educating and exporting Maine summer foods by competing at food festivals with the food truck (trailer) and winning!  They have the requisite whoopie pie, moxie, and I am sure when the season arrives a lot of blueberry things.

The proprietors work the truck and are extraordinarily kind folk that care about their work.

It was incredibly pleasurable this year to have my season opener be essentially perfect- weather included.  Keep it up Bite Into Maine! Word of caution: I had to resist this judgement myself, but Bite Into Maine is not a lobster shack from the '30s and should not be judged as such- still great!

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