Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Captain's Catch- 2014 Season Opener

Captain's Catch
414 Maine Street
Ogunquit, ME 03907

Let's start the 2014 season with a bad review. I knew the second I pulled into the parking lot that this was going to be bad. I was starving and trying to hold out until Bedrock Lobster Pound, but then I realized that it was way too early in the season for Bedrock to be open. I tend to do long stretches on Route 1 instead of the Turnpike trying to recall Maine from year's past.

Let's start with off season prices. Yes, I know everything is hard shell right now and offshore causing a premium, but demand is really low. Compare the $19 paid here for a roll in April to the $9  paid for a far superior roll a week earlier at Sue's in Kittery.  

It was off-putting when the proprietor told me it was really fresh and just came in today, but then proceeded to open a big plastic tub of lobster salad. There was lettuce and he didn't ask if  I wanted the roll without.  Despite the meager portion and outrageous price, the worst infraction was the sprinkling of paprika all over it- who does that? Maybe he should have had a piece of kale with a twisted orange slice just like the 80's- a throwback roll. What's the point of the lemon wedge? I didn't ask for iced tea or baked scrod. This was a bad roll on many levels and the place was soulless to boot. It says a lot when the bad fries were the best part of a lobster roll. Maybe the ketchup was the best thing...When you see that sign and you are headed south, hold out for Bedrock. Actually, hold out for Burger King. 

I don't wish the owner bad tidings, but he may want to take heed if he wants to thrive. The prices, quality and setting seem designed only to fleece tourists. 

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