Monday, August 13, 2012

Patty's Seafood and Takeout- The Trailer is A Rockin' with Flavor

Lobster Roll
 Patty’s Seafood and Takeout

Route 1 on the Newcastle-Edgecomb Line
Edgecomb, ME 04556
(207) 882-7292 (this link has never worked)

I’ve been a long time fan of Patty Grant’s seafood trailer in Edgecomb, Maine. I posted one of my first Yelp reviews about Patty’s in 2008. That review, along with some others (Beach Plum in Hampton, NH), have gone into the ether. I have no idea why Yelp just deletes reviews. They were not filtered, just eradicated. It is just as well because I may have just transposed the 2008 review without going back.

Crab Roll- The Best!
 It was a rainy Sunday on the way to Bath, Maine and lunch time was nearing. I had intended to hit the dreaded Taste of Maine and just get that over with. We stopped and looked at the menu posted outside and were just turned off. We were hungry and did not want to eat just for the sake of a review, particularly one we knew would be bad. I decided to push on to Patty’s. Once we hit Red’s in Wish-past-it (Wiscasset) we began to wonder if it was such a great idea. The bridge over the Sheepscot was backed up coming south and we would need to head back south after lunch. We pushed on and the traffic was a parking lot all the way to Mary’s Pop-In and further still. The southbound traffic did not subside until Patty’s.

We ordered quite a bit: lobster roll ($13.95), crab roll ($8.50), scallop roll ($9.00) and a bowl of haddock chowder ($3.50). All were terrific, but as I recalled from prior visits, Patty’s crab roll is a standout. You always taste the crab sweetness and the portion is substantial- at least 6 or 7 ounces of crab salad. The lobster roll was good, but did lack that elusive meat sweetness. I do know that Patty takes particular pride in her crab rolls. All the rolls came in buttered and grilled side-split hot dog buns- the “right propah” way to serve a roll. There was crisp iceberg and a slice of lemon atop. It pains me to say this, but Patty can be a wee bit heavy handed with mayonnaise, but I am being overcritical. I almost forgot the fish chowder: exceptionally flavorful and not mushy. I reminded me of the fish chowder at Cindy’s in Freeport.

Patty’s is an honest Maine experience and should not missed, especially if you were contemplating that place with the “Osprey Cam” (Taste o’ Maine) further to the south.

As for avoiding the southbound traffic heading back to Wishpastit, go left out of Patty’s and head north a little bit, past Sherman Lake on the right, and get on Sheepscot Road over to Route 218. You’ll take a traffic free and scenic trip back to Wiscasset. Route 218 dumps you out on the south side of the Sheepscot and beyond the nightmare created by Red’s and Treats- don’t ever get me started about Treats. If it happens to be morning stop at Ship’s Chow Hall for breakfast and avoid the Miss Wiscasset Diner further to the South. Don’t be put of by the exterior of the Chow Hall. If you stop in to Huber’s Market, please let me know your thoughts. As an aside, we’ve always noted the amount of For Sale signs along Route 1 as you are heading into Wiscasset from the south. We make this trip a lot since my parents live in Damariscotta. This time we noted the same amount of signs in Route 218. Is everyone in Wiscasset trying to unload their property? Is the traffic driving people out of Wiscasset?
Scallop Roll


  1. Happy to have found you, and so great to read about Patty's. They make my favorite lobster roll in the Midcoast, and it's nice to see them getting some press!

  2. Happy to be found, finally. I love Patty's!

  3. Malcolm: You aren't the Joseph Gordon-Leavitt lookin' guy in your profile photo. You are Malcolm Bedell- food dude extaordinaire. I follow your(and Jillian's) blog: From Away.

    Thanks for picking up on my blog- I could use some tips.

  4. Ah, yes... 11th grade was not kind to me. :)